B2K Art Of Excellence Award: You knew there had to be rules!

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Art Of Excellence Award

We have been voted as LORD of the internet!  We are royalty now...bow to us!   We have been awarded a 3 by the Award Sites!  Mediocre at best, but we're just starting out!

Do you think you have what it takes to win our award?

Then submit your site for our consideration.  It's not that hard!  We love to visit new and exciting sites.  The hard part...THERE'S SO MANY OF THEM!  Submit your site to our "Award Headquarters", and we'll go see what your site has to offer the art world.  Please submit your site only one time in a 30 day period.  We are trying to run a business here.

After we receive your submission, it may take up to 14 days before you receive our final decision.  You will only be notified by email if your site has been chosen for our award.  When the Bohica2k team accepts your website as an awesome place to visit, then we will also email you with your notification as to how you can pick up the award plax you so well deserve.

The Rules!

1.  Your site cannot contain any foul or abusive language that would otherwise make ANY individual visiting your "award winning" site feel uncomfortable to be there.  Nor can there be any hateful inuendo's towards any person, or group of persons.  You know what we mean.  Don't play dumb.  We aren't without sin ourselves, but we keep it off of the worldwide web.  There's enough of that going on already.  Want our award?  Then it's our rules.

2.  PLEASE!  For the love of God!  Your site must have some kind of content on it.  If it's hard to read, or too busy with links and graphics, then we're outta there!  If you must have music playing on your site, then please instruct us (and those visiting your site) as to how to turn it OFF!  We already have music playing here in the studio, we really don't want to drown out the tunes giving us our creative drive.

3.  Don't waste our time, or yours, with a website that doesn't contain something pleasurable for everybody.  Bohica2k is trying to promote ART on the worldwide web, and that's what we're awarding.  We don't mean your life isn't enjoyable.  To you it is.  To half a billion other people...well...we're snoring.  It's okay to show us a picture or two of your pets and friends.  Just don't give us a website of only this.  We want, we need, we LIVE for art!  SHOW US SOME!  Art can be in written word, visual presentation (our favorite!), or spiritual movement.  If we look at your site and it moves us...BOOM...you can slam our award onto your site. EASY!

4.  PLEASE be 14 years old or over when applying for our award.  I was 5 years old when I knew that I could draw.  The point is, there are laws.  If you are under 14 years old and you contact Bohica2k for our award...your site won't be considered.  Sorry.  Contact us again in a few years.  Last time I checked, you can't run a business behind prison bars.  But do feel free to submit your art to our new page "Bohica2k Junior"!  No award, but we will supply you with a place to showcase your artistic talent.

5.  Finally, we are very headstrong on the "spamming" thing.  Frankly, we believe that spammng anyone on the net should be punishable by death (or spam for 3 square meals for a week!).  But we aren't lawmakers, we're artists.  Just don't spam.  No one likes spam anyway.  Tell me one person who does....see, you can't.  So don't even think spam!


Click onto the buttons below to take you on the "AWARD" journey.  All subpages have been updated to provide you, the art lover, the best possible experience in the world of art.  Once your site has been approved by the Bohica2k Award Headquarters, we will notify you by email to congratulate you.  Then all of those who visit your pages to see your hard work will know that you have been chosen as one of the few to have the

Bohica2k Art Of Excellence Award!

Good Luck!

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