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While we were on "winter" holiday...a number of you applied for the Bohica2k Art Of Excellence Award.  While some of you didn't quite make it, the sites we DID offer an award to are listed below.  Congratulate them for a job well done, and visit their site!  Bohica2k only picks the best "art" sites for the B2K Art Of Excellence Award.  So you know you'll visit a quality site by clicking onto their button.  Tell them Bohica2k sent you!


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Thom's Tales And Misadventures 

Thom's site is dedicated to arts encompassing, theatre, visual art, music, area authors and their publications, and education. All set in a small town, Sedalia, located in Central Missouri about an hour east of Kansas City.  Thom is a Director/Designer/Actor/Witty Guy/Comedian.  Great site, Thom.  We had a good time poking your pages!

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The Written Word

Here you'll find riginal short stories, poetry, and (yes!) prose authored by Mary Schultz.  Her site is so easy to use.  Her writing a joy to read.  This mother of two, and recent Captain of the new age Ark really knows how to put images in motion in the minds inner eye.  I read "Hurricane" (since we're in Florida).  Good stuff, Mary!

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This site has it all! We found an open space for visual communications including (but not limited to) painting, photo art, fractal art, documentaries, portrait's collection, and selected post cards. Roberto, along with his wife (who is also an artist!) have created magnificent works of art lacking every day scenarios such as landscapes and clouds and such.  Instead, Roberto attempts to tap into the human inner emotion as he creates his pieces.  We spent a very long time in Roberto's world.  

You, too, can be a part of the Bohica2k Art Of Excellence family!  Just click below, and we'll go poke your pages and art and stuff. art worthy when applying. 

Good luck!

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B2K logo Bohica2k 2005.  All art on the award winning sites are the property of the artist.  Please be considerate and leave the art where you found it.  Most times, if you ask the artist, they              will be happy to let you copy a piece of their work.  But you have to ASK first!  Us artists are very protective of our work.